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Warm feet are paramount to a good day of riding. Once your tootsies get cold, it’s tough get them back to comfortable while out on the trail, lake or hillside and can make or break your ride experience for the day.

FXR’s Helium BOA boots are the perfect boot for high-performance trail or mountain riders providing an optimal blend of stability and comfort. Rated for minus 60 Celcius (-76 Fahrenheit) with a fixed micro-fur lining, they’ll provide all-day comfort when the mercury dips.

Plus if you’re still pulling laces on your boots, using a BOA is like taking a time machine into the future. Just slide your foot in and with a few quick turns of the BOA H3 Coiler reel your boot is tightened to comfort and stays that way until you pop the quick release and minor adjustments can easily be made if you require a tighter fit to provide more support throughout your ride.

This boot system also features HydrX Pro technology which is a single layer moisture shield that absorbs moisture and moves it away from the body to protect your feet from moisture build up that could result in freezing.

The FXR Helium BOA features a Max warmth rating of 8 and a stiffness rating of 6 and retails for $445 CDN or $315 USD.

Visit FXRRACING.COM for more information.

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