CURVE INDUSTRIES: One Ski – No Compromises!

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Do you ride wherever you can find snow? Have you wished your current ski would offer more on or off trail performance? With Curve XSM it’s One Ski – No Compromises!

Thrash the roughest trail, hold a line on the most challenging side hills and blast through the fastest ditches in total control.

With Curve skis and Curve bolt-ons, you can do it all with no compromises.

From Sledneck rider and hill climb Champion Shad Free, to Cains Quest Champions Rob Gardner and Rich Knipping, to X-Games medalists Justin Hoyer and Sam Rogers, they all have two things in common – A passion for the gold and Curve skis.

In an era where people want control of everything from shock pressures to turbo boost, Curve Industries allows riders to do the same with their skis.

The Curve XSM is a modular ski system that controls any terrain. One Ski – No Compromises!

Crossover Trail – Select the carbide of your choice, Thruster for added off trail and loose trail performance along with the Leading Edge option for straight tracking, light steering and awesome cornering in all trail conditions.

Crossover – Select your carbide and Standard or Mountain Thruster options for improved off trail performance.

Mountain – Select your carbides along with the Mountain Thruster option for superior flotation and perfectly balanced side hilling.

On trail or off, race course or ramp, pro or weekend warrior, Curve XS / XSM skis and their bolt on options let you dial in a championship platform to fit whatever riding you’re doing NOW!

One Ski – No Compromises!

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