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With winter in full swing, northern states and provinces are now covered in a deep blanket of snow.

While this might signal end of riding for some, it’s just the beginning of having fun for those equipped with a track kit.

The Commander WS4 kit from Kimpex goes several steps further and allows you to get the most out of all four seasons.

With its unique configuration that eliminates sliders, the WS4 shows amazing efficiency on all types of terrain and an all conditions along with ensuring reduced friction and rolling resistance.

The tracks used on the WS4 were specifically designed to maximize traction without sacrificing ride quality. The center pallet track design with 1-inch lug height on the front tracks and 1.25-inch lug height in the rear provide optimal traction for plowing through snow while also self-cleaning itself of debris.

Clearing obstacles is made easier with 1-inch higher ground clearance compared to the competition along with a high front wheel mount that aides in rolling over tall barriers in your way.

One of the biggest challenges with any track kit is ride quality and reduced steering effort. Kimpex engineers spent a considerable amount of time perfecting the agility of the WS4 by reducing the ground contact patch and by spreading the load on three wheels. This not only improved agility and increased stability but also reduced the load placed on power steering systems.

With all the work that went into reducing vibration and friction comes a smoother ride. with reduced driving effort, decreased vibration and same traction capability as always for the best performance in all 4 seasons. Of course, the same sturdiness is maintained through a 2.5-inch tubular frame and an overall lightweight necessary to surf on snow.

Double wheel bearings with sealed caps, rubber coated wheels and its revised geometry translates into a surprisingly smooth riding track kit that has proven to get you places others would never attempt.


  • 15-inch (381 mm) sprocket built for all season use
  • Aggressive track profile
  • HD tensioner: Quick & easy to use
  • Pronounced attack angle helps to clear obstacles
  • Wheels contact patch coated with rubber: Prevents ice from sticking
  • System without slider shoe for all season performance
  • Three wheels on the ground for less steering effort
  • Wheels with two cap-protected ball bearings : low and easy maintenance
  • Triangulated frame composed of robust 2.5” (64 mm) steel tubing

For more information on the WS4 ATV track kit or to learn more about the WSS4 UTV kit visit

Vern Putzer
Vern Putzer
Vern Putzer is the Producer of SNOWTRAX TV and is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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