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As much as we love all the goodness Yamaha brings to 4-Stroke sleds, we continue to question the reasoning behind sticking with tuner skis.

We’ve worked through pretty much every combination of carbide you can think of and we’ve never been able to achieve the optimal balance between precision and ease of steering effort. You’re either committed to a serious shoulder workout or you’re pushing through every corner.

So with nothing to lose we thought we’d give C&A Pro’s newest XPT trail performance ski a shot. These not only amped up the look of our 50th Anniversary LE Viper but also made a significant improvement to its handling over the stock tuners.

The XPT is a tapered ski design measuring 44-inches long and 6.25-inches wide. The three quarter inch deep mid center keel is mated up with a 6-inch Shaper bar from Stud Boy.

After some tweaks to the front arm spring preload, push in the corners was significantly reduced and not only was steering effort lessened, but turn-in was far more precise. Cornering was predictable and confidence inspiring, as we carved through every corner.

The XPT skis elevated the Viper’s handling to a level we’ve been hoping for. At the end of the day, neither the SideWinder or Viper platforms are budget sleds and we think this is a small investment for the enjoyment they provide.

For more information visit caproskis.net

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