C&A Pro Skis Releases HighMark Edition

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The C&A Skis have long been a favorite of pro/semi racers, freestylers and snowmobile trail riding enthusiasts because of the ski’s advantages in maneuverability.

C&A Skis have been widely used and rooted in the Upper Midwest, Eastern and Canadian regions.

In 2009, C&A Pro introduced the MTX for the hill/mountain climbers and powder snow riders. The wider MTX ski provides floatation benefits and is becoming popular on the western trails and mountain slopes.

It is this difficult terrain where elite riders take the challenge to carve their mark at the top, better known as “High Marking”. In the spirit of this extreme snowmobile riding skill, C&A Pro Skis is offering a limited edition MTX HighMark ski.

HighMark Edition Ski

This ski is made of superior-strength white Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) poly and comes with C&A Pro’s distinctively shaped white handles, HighMark graphics and a complimenting flat-billed embroidered cap.

This stylish cap is only available with the HighMark ski and not sold separately. The MTX HighMark Edition ski package retails for $459.95.

About C&A Pro Skis – C&A Pro Skis is headquartered at Hutchinson, Minnesota and is a division of Pride Solutions LLC. C&A Pro sells their skis and accessories through distributor/dealer channels and through their online web store at www.caproskis.com. Contact LuAnn Drazkowski, Marketing, 320-484-2907 with questions.

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