C&A Pro Develops New Boondocking Xtreme Ski

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The team at C&A Pro Skis are proud to announce the latest product to our line‐up, the BX, aka Boondocking Xtreme, ski.

This is the perfect a ski for today’s snowmobile enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in performance from their light weight mountain sleds.

The BX has a progressive curved rocker on the bottom of the ski, on both sides of the keel, to allow riders a smooth transition when navigating through trees.

The integrated snow traction scoops on either side of the center keel aids the ski in maintaining grip on the snow at even the most severe angles.

The tail of the BX tapers to a slimmer profile to help initiate a transition into a side‐hill for effortless navigation. This ski also features a larger than normal kicked up tail to allow riders to use reverse in situations they never have been able to before.

Lastly, unlike any other aftermarket ski out there; the BX offers raised traction ridges on the top providing foothold in deep snow situations.

Although the BX is a new mountain ski it is not a replacement for our MTX, it is simply an addition to our line‐up. The MTX ski works exceptionally well on today’s heavier 4 stroke sleds and on mountain trails.

Our new BX ski works phenomenal on all the lighter weight two stroke mountain sleds. The Boondocking Xtreme allows all backcountry mountain riders to Ride Like A Pro!

C&A Pro Skis provide the most flexible and indestructible snowmobile skis on the market because it is made of durable ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material (UHMW-PE) combined with compression molded technology. The inherent strength and performance of these premium skis makes it the choice among pro and semi-pro racers worldwide. C&A provides a full range of snowmobile skis to accommodate the various riding preferences of racing, mountain, cross-over and trail. C&A Pro Skis has its headquarters and manufacturing in Hutchinson Minnesota and is a division of Pride Solutions LLC.

C&A Skis are available through power sports dealers or online at www.caproskis.com.

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