Big AC Horses!

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Last season we told you about a cool kit capable of turning your ZR 900 into a 1000cc monster.

The guys from Birch Point Cats in Ontario, Canada are at it again with – this is wild – a 160 HP Firecat F-8 kit and a -gulp! – 170 HP Firecat F-9 kit. Both are capable of propelling the lightweight and top-end friendly Firecat platform to nosebleed top speeds.

As with everything the BP Crew have done in the past, look for these kits to produce much more than amazing top end.

Tractable, trench digging low end squeeze – necessary for satisfying trail encounters – is a component of the BP Kits we’ve come to appreciate. So will you.

Get out your credit card and call: (705) 738-2473.

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