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Increase engine cooling and slider life with TRIC Ice Scratchers

In a perfect world, snowmobiliers wouldn’t worry about keeping their sliders wet or their engines cool. We’d just have snow all day, everyday, kicking up all over our suspensions and heat exchangers.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, but there is a solution to this snowmobiling issue.

Yamaha Motor Canada has released a new tool to fight back against low snow: the TRIC Ice Scratcher.

Like other ice scratchers, the benefit is a steady spray of ice and snow crystals to supply the hy-fax and heat exchangers in marginal snow conditions.

Thus increasing slider life and insuring enough engine cooling. Where the TRIC Ice Scratcher differs from others, however, is that it features a flexible cable for ease of reversing and trailer loading.

“Our new Ice Scratcher is designed for simplicity,” says Yamaha Motor Canada’s National Manager of Product Planning and Research, Chris Reid. “It’s designed with the eastern trail rider in mind and features a simple ‘plug and play’ system, so there is no need to relocate if the conditions don’t require.”

The TRIC Ice Scratcher mounts directly to the front sway bar link on RX/FX chassis and features a flexible, stainless steel braided cable with an adjustable stainless steel fitting, threaded to receive a standard and replaceable carbide traction stud.

“The beauty of the whole system is that it will fit onto any sled with our universal mounting bracket,” adds Reid. “And, it can be used on both left and right sides of the machine, plus you can adjust the stud contact angle.”

For more info on TRIC Ice Scratchers, visit your local Yamaha dealer or Yamaha-motor.ca.

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