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In 2011 Polaris is sending a powerful message it intends to be the dominant force in the vertical market with lighter, stronger deep snow platforms and class leading power-to-weight.

The introduction of an all-new 2011 RMK based on the RUSH Blackjack front clip married to a conventional track system at the rear makes a strong case for the company’s determination.

The 800 Pro-RMK 155 uses the super-strong chemically bonded construction process pioneered on the Rush to eliminate welds and rivets and nets an incredibly rigid chassis with significant weight savings.

Further weight has been dropped with reductions to the jackshaft, disc brake rotor, bumpers, tunnel, snowflap (now perforated), seat support and exhaust silencer.

The most obvious departure on the Pro-RMK compared to the Rush is the use of a shock-in-tunnel skidframe featuring a Camoplast 15×155 track with enormous 2.4-inch lugs.

Power is supplied by a 2-injector Cleanfire 800 2-stroke – the first application of this engine in this chassis.

Polaris claims a 40-lb weight reduction compared to last year’s IQ-based RMK and even more important, a 10-lb reduction in weight compared to its lightest competitor.

On closer inspection you can see how the product planners and engineers have rationalized every component on this sled to reach the lightness goal line.

You’ll get more details and some great photos on the complete RMK line-up in the March edition of the Supertrax online magazine. Stay tuned!

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