2011 Yamaha Apex

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This year our Editor’s Choice selection from Yamaha is a complete no-brainer.

The EPS equipped Apex is such an improvement over what was already a great snowmobile, we can’t think of any other Yamaha choice we’d make.

It goes far beyond the fact there’s a new innovation like power steering added into the mix. The Apex’s EXUP exhaust valve smoothes out the engine pulses so effectively you’d think there was a different engine under the hood.

It’s still the Genesis 5-valve four but now it has different cam duration, EFI mapping and about five more ponies.

Extrovert drivers roll a new 128-inch track and it not only makes the Apex and Apex SE look better but adds considerable traction to a sled that can spin its track like a Top Fuel dragster slick.

Ergonomics have been improved with a taller seat and every piece of bodywork has been revised for a subtle and pleasing look.

The 2011 Apex is a great sled with, unfortunately, a great big price tag. Weighing in on all the positives, though, it’s hard to deny buyers will be getting their money’s worth.

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