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By: Craig Nicholson, OFSC Communications

The Ski-Doo brand has always been synonymous with snowmobiling in Canada, ever since J.A. Bombardier invented the first recreational snowmobile in Valcourt, Quebec in 1959.

Now BRP is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Ski-Doo snowmobiles, and this fall, Ski-Doo will further strengthen its ties to Canadian snowmobiling with the new Ski-Doo Million Dollar Club Support Program to support local clubs in their home communities.

“Launching a grassroots funding campaign to benefit clubs is a natural fit with our 50th anniversary celebration because Ski-Doo was right there at the beginning to help establish the very first organized snowmobile trails in Canada,” said Alain Villemure, vice-president and general manager of BRP’s Ski-Doo / Sea-Doo division. “Ski-Doo has always recognized and appreciated the hard work our clubs and volunteers do on snowmobile trails – and how important those trails are for this recreational activity.”

Yes, as a 50th anniversary present, snowmobile clubs across Ontario will benefit from Ski-Doo cash donations through their local Ski-Doo dealers. And with Ontario’s share of Million Dollars on the table, many of Ontario’s 234 snowmobile clubs have the opportunity to raise much-needed new funding courtesy of Ski-Doo snowmobiles.

It’s no surprise that when Ski-Doo staffers considered new ideas for their 50th, the Ski-Doo Million Dollar Club Support Program was a win-win-win-win scenario. Count ‘em. Yes, that’s four wins…first, Ski-Doo celebrates its 50th anniversary as the number one selling snowmobile brand by making an important cash contribution to local clubs.

Second, Ski-Doo Dealers build stronger long-term relationships with local clubs and snowmobilers in their home communities. Third, local clubs and volunteers receive new-found money, much needed in a winter when fuel prices will make running groomers very costly. And win number four? Trail riders like you and I are the ultimate beneficiaries when clubs deliver great trails to ride this winter!

As Marc-André Dubois, BRP manager, public relations, shows & events said, “The Ski-Doo Million Dollar Club Support Program resulted from out of the box thinking at BRP. We wanted to attract consumers to our dealerships this fall, support clubs with cash and above all, do something very different, signifying to snowmobilers that Ski-Doo not only makes the most innovative and technically advanced snowmobiles, but that we also live and breath snowmobiling with the same passion as they do.”

Raising cash in Ontario from Ski-Doo is easy with the Ski-Doo Million Dollar Club Support Program. All it takes is for Ontario snowmobilers to visit Ski-Doo dealers and drop off a completed donation certificate between September 1 and November 15.

Riders will receive these Ski-Doo Million Dollar Club Support Program certificates in the mail, and for every snowmobiler who drops off a completed certificate at a local Ski-Doo dealership, the local OFSC club will get $10 cash from Ski-Doo, to a maximum of $1,500.

OFSC clubs with high rates of participation can also qualify to receive a bonus of an additional $1,000 in Ski-Doo parts, accessories and clothing. Best of all, one OFSC club with the most certificates qualifies to win a 2009 Ski-Doo 50th Anniversary Limited Edition snowmobile (one each allocated for Atlantic Provinces, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan). Not bad for just dropping off certificates at Ski-Doo dealers!

“The new dollars flowing from Ski-Doo will really help struggling clubs across Canada to make ends meet this winter and make trails better for snowmobilers too,” commented Dennis Burns, executive director of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations. “Wouldn’t it be great if every snowmobiler dropped off a certificate at their local Ski-Doo dealer as their way of saying thanks to their local club?”

Burns has a good point. With the strong possibility of another good old-fashioned winter in the works, OFSC snowmobile clubs will need more money to keep ahead of the snow… and the Ski-Doo Million Dollar Club Support Program may be just the equalizer they need to get the job done!

A tip of the 50th anniversary hat to Ski-Doo for such a timely and generous opportunity… now it’s up to every club and rider to make sure that every certificate is redeemed for a $10 Ski-Doo donation!

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