Skidoo XP Upper A-Arm Brace Kit

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Press Release –

This is a new kit to strengthen the weak Upper A-Arm rear mounting point on the new XP chassis.

As many riders learned last season if you hit something with the ski turned it pushes the bottom of the spindle back. This will force the upper A-Arm forward and bend it’s rear mount.

You may not notice it right away but if your shock isn’t in the center of the upper A-Arm or rubbing on the A-Arm you have a bent mounting point.

You can still ride like this if it’s not too bad but it changes the caster angle of your spindle and won’t handle well.

We have two braces for each Upper A-Arm to greatly strengthen this weak area.

Kit comes with two yellow zinc plated L braces to tie your Upper A-Arm into the chassis and two billet aluminum braces to tie the engine model into the bulkhead.

Greatly reduces the chance of bending the mounting point for the Upper A-Arms.


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