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In the never ending attempt to attract new riders and tourists, District 1 again breaks new ground as the season charges ahead with a new concept in wildlife viewing on the trails.

Based on the safari park concept, animals have been strategically released along the trail system to allow trail riders rare photo opportunities. Long horned Scottish Highland cattle are now roaming the central part of the district near Kemptville along A104.

Many sightings have already been made and snowmobilers have been stampeding into the area to catch a glimpse of the shaggy beasts. Although they have been hard on the field pickets and they do pose a rather imposing obstacle on the trail, John Boals, District Manager, has been working diligently with the Risk Management Committee to come up with proper insurance and signage to accommodate these beasts.

John states that he has many good ideas around marketing using these animals as mobile billboards. Sales have been brisk as businesses are lining up to have their logo branded on to the cattle in order to beef up their image with the snowmobiling community.

Phase 2 of the safari park project has involved the release of a large number of wild boars from the Embrun area. Although smaller and quicker than the Highland Cattle, they still provide the sledders with numerous photo opportunities and the twist with these porkers is the male’s bad temper which makes for some interesting sled encounters.

While most of the time these animals prefer to be left alone, occasionally a bad tempered boar will give chase to passing sleds which generates quite a bit of excitement and lasting memories for the pursued.

Have your camera ready because you never know when one of these boars will ham it up for your photographic pleasure. Reports indicate that the boars are avid travelers with sightings as far afield as Cornwall and Spencerville.

But be careful on the trail because you never know when one will dart out in front of you causing you to ‘Ride a Hog’ and we aren’t talking Harley. Donations of roadkill are being gratefully accepted for the Kemptville Club BBQ and many other clubs events.

In closing, District 1 invites all animal lovers to come and see for yourself. If you are tired of the same old porcupine, raccoon, squirrel, chipmunk, deer, moose, wild turkey, fox, wolf, and rabbit sightings, come to District 1, the alternative to Yellowstone National Park for wildlife viewing.

In the immortal words of Porky the Pig, ‘A-BID-EE A-BID-EE that’s all folks!

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