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We frequently get asked whether any OEM has a turbocharged 2-stroke in the works.

Some would pass this off as a ridiculous proposal because the whole point of a 2-stroke is to build the lightest possible snowmobile for max handling prowess. Definitely a good evaluation, however, there are some considerations.

First, given the current EPA status in our sport, the industry has presently met and exceeded all the stipulations the organization has laid out over the last decade.

However, if there was ever a tightening of the existing rules, a new engine strategy for snowmobiles may have to be put into play. This is where a turbocharged 2-stroke would be a sensible possibility.

Fact: Today’s 2-strokes, like the Ski-Doo E-TEC, Polaris Cleanfire and C-TEC 2 Cat are very clean engines – even when compared to 4-strokes. All good.

But… what if the Government mandated strict regulations like engine displacement of snowmobiles couldn’t exceed, say, 450ccs? Think we’re crazy? Take a look at the auto industry right now. The future is for cars and trucks having very low displacement engines with less cylinders and… turbochargers to meet the 2021 standards the EPA is mandating.

2-strokes with turbochargers respond incredibly well to the additional boost and such small displacement mills could, in fact, generate power like we see from today’s 800 and 850 2-strokes – probably with a boost in torque.

We’re hoping it never happens but who knows where the industry will take us in the next ten years?

Good to know there’s contingency technology out there.

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