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Although there’s about a 45-horsepower deficit with the GSX compared to Cat’s Z1 Turbo, we can’t help but make comparisons. Both sleds represent the maximum in different ways.

No questioning the Cat’s power but the GSX has such an incredible feature load it can’t be ignored.

Ski-Doo increased the track length to 137-inches on its two flagship big-milers this year but there’s more, much more for distance runners.

Take a 4-positon tilt steering setup, driver controlled air suspension, mirrors, 1-inch deep RipSaw track, standard tunnel bag, heated seat and one of the niftiest instrument packages in the industry and you can’t deny this is an impressive package. You can even order up an add-on 2-up seat if you want, and it looks tailor made.

Deep down in its bowels this is an even more impressive sled. It’s the second year for Ski-Doo’s 1200cc 4-stroke triple and, judging from what we rode back last March, Rotax has nailed it for 2010.

This is a smooth, powerful mill that gets good fuel economy and is both whisper quiet and free of vibration. Mate it with the super-light XR chassis and you’ve got a power-to weight ratio that keeps it in the hunt with at least two of the three in this group.

When all is said and done, it’s about versatility and, if you ride trails with your cronies, the GSX SE delivers what can only be described as a maximum experience.

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