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At Supertrax we’ve always been big fans of the smooth riding GSX series from Ski-Doo.

We like the adjustability its air suspension offers on long rides and the fact you can custom-tailor its ride results to different tastes and even to the varying kinds of snow conditions you’re riding over, all on-the-fly.

We were a bit surprised last month when we got to see Ski-Doo’s 2014 sleds and learned they had dumped the old SC-5-based air suspension and gone with the newer rising rate rMotion back end used in tandem with the on-board air pump and air shocks.

We honestly thought it might be a case of overkill since the last thing the GSX needed was any ride improvement. We were wrong.

What’s cool about the 2014 GSX SE line-up is you can order this luxury ride with different engines according to how you like to ride and what you require in an all-around sled.

Both the 600 and 800R E-TECs are available along with the 1200 4-TEC triple so you can go with a lighter, more agile feel in the 137-inch XR platform or you can get the awesome torque and mid-range of the heavier 4-stroke.

Another big change to the GSX line is the switch to the new XS chassis for the 120-inch GSX LE.

Along with better ergonomics and wind protection than the XP based GSX, you can now opt for the new 900ACE 4-stroke triple or the 1200 4-stroke or the 600 E-TEC 2-stroke twin.

The LE has also moved up to rMotion making it as close to an MX-Z as possible, albeit with a more softly damped combo of Motion Control shocks and gassers.

However, no fear of ever bottoming now. Features like a really nice tunnel bag, electric start (Oh, wait! Pretty much all Ski-Doo’s have electric start this year) and a bigger windshield come standard.

What can we say? Riding these sleds is so close to riding an MX-Z you can barely tell the difference.

Ride quality has taken a giant leap forward, especially with the air-suspended SE, and the GSX series offers some of the most versatile sleds you can buy.

There’s simply no compromise with the GSX. You can get everything you want right here, regardless of what kind of rider you are.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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