Which Is Better: Polaris RUSH or Switchback?

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Dear Motorhead:

Is there much difference in handling and ride quality between the Polaris Switchback and RUSH Pro R 800?

Between the the 121 and 136, which one do you prefer for mostly ditch riding and on trail?


Greg H.

Dear Greg:

Thanks for your email!

It is strongly suspected 120/121-inch sleds may go away over the next few seasons. There really is no downside to the SB 136 Pro Ride. Handling is unaffected by the longer track and ride quality is improved substantially by the longer rails.

Floatation will obviously be better and because the Pro Ride suspension is uncoupled, weight transfer is actually better with the SB than the 121 where as with a normal coupled skid the longer rail versions do not transfer as well.

So, I really can’t see why – especially with the price differential so small – anyone would go for the Rush 121.

Hope this helps!


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