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We’ve had a chance to put some miles on three very different 600 2-strokes so far this winter and the results are pretty interesting.

The candidates are the 600 RUSH, the 600 Indy SP and the new XS MX-Z X. Here’s Part II…

The newest version of the 120-inch MX-Z is a real step up from the former XP.

The ergonomic changes are immediately noticeable when you ride it. Most certainly, its biggest asset is rMotion.

We’ve said it before and it bears repeating: This skidframe is the very best in the business and sets the standard for everyone else to match.

You can ride over crushing trail junk and not even feel it. It never comes close to bottoming but uses almost all of its travel to deliver amazing plushness even when ridden very aggressively.

There’s never a sense this back end is “packing up” at the bottom of its travel – just a great, smooth ride that always keeps you in control.

The 600 E-TEC is still an amazing powerplant delivering great mileage and impressive power.

Frankly, we can’t tell you which engine’s performance is better here – the 600 Cleanfire or the E-TEC. They are both great mid-sized mills.

The combo of ride and power with this MX-Z makes you wonder why anyone would ever need more.

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