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We’ve had a chance to put some miles on three very different 600 2-strokes so far this winter and the results are pretty interesting.

The candidates are the 600 RUSH, the 600 Indy SP and the new XS MX-Z X. Here’s Part III…

After riding the Indy SP we just had to ask ourselves: “Would we pay more to ride a RUSH?” With that question burning in our brains we approached the RUSH with a very critical attitude and came away feeling that, yes, it is worth the extra bucks to own a RUSH.

Why? First of all, this sled feels completely different than the Indy. The rider sits taller in the saddle and the back end flat-out works fabulous.

The gauges are better and the whole riding experience is a step up from the Indy. Even though the Indy is completely acceptable, we felt there was a pervading sense of quality about the RUSH that made it feel like it was well worth its price.

Somehow, the RUSH feels more substantial and handles the bumps with a tad more confidence than the Indy.

Certainly, the high speed, deep stuff is well in control with the Pro-Ride back end and the marriage of that external shock skid to the Polaris non-parallel A-arm front end has been perfected beautifully.

We love the way the RUSH transfers and explodes itself out of the hole on acceleration. You can have wheelie contests with this sled and win!

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