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Three 600s To Go! We’ve had a chance to put some miles on three very different 600 2-strokes so far this winter and the results are pretty interesting. The candidates are the 600 RUSH, the 600 Indy SP and the new XS MX-Z X. Here’s part I…

When you ride the Indy you can’t help but be impressed with its lightness.

This sled actually feels lighter than the MX-Z (it isn’t), but its steering is so flickable and its responses in the corners are so intuitive it just feels like a feather on the trails.

Even the view over the windshield and the ergonomics of the driving compartment deliver an impression this sled is smaller than the other sleds (it isn’t).

This writer’s first take was “this thing feels like your riding a fan-cooled sled”. Of course one dip into the throttle and you know for certain your not.

The Indy hauls booty and that Cleanfire mill is a real powerhouse in this chassis. Very fast, very responsive on the trails and much, much more than we expected.

Although the back end isn’t as good as a RUSH or especially the MX-Z with rMotion, we felt the ride was completely acceptable.

The front end is nothing short of magic!

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