RIDE IMPRESSIONS: 2010 Polaris Rush

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You either love it or hate it as far as looks go but take one ride and you’ll be sold.

The Pro-Ride rear suspension isn’t a gimmick, this is the future of trail riding, and there will be imitations – you can count on it!

Once the Rush is set up for your riding weight you’ll need to play with the clicker on the rear shock reservoir to get it comfy for your riding style.

For groomed trail riding we like the preload setting to be about 20-pounds less than recommended on the gauge Polaris supplies.

The rear end mows down bumps and really settles down trail jitters at any speed. Remarkably, the Rush handles bumps better, the faster you go through them, similar to a motocross bike.

While the rear end is ridiculously perfect for trail riding it does prefer to stay on the ground and isn’t quite as happy when launched off an approach.

The 600 mill creates enough power to propel it up and over 100mph with ease, and corner to corner, the throttle response is dead on.

The stumbling found on Polaris 800 motors is greatly reduced on the 600 but still evident when chopping the throttle and then getting back on it.

The front end of the rush is overshadowed by the draw of the rear skid, however the new design up front is Polaris through and through.

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