RIDE IMPRESSIONS: 2010 Polaris IQ LX 600

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We just have to say that we really like IQs. This one gets high marks for extra accouterments targeted at big-mile trail riders.

This year’s LX gets a 136-inch, one inch lugged Camo-sneaker wrapped around a double coupled skid that is just a tiny bit over-sprung. We think it could be a tad softer for this target audience.

The rear storage bag is sumptuous and truly functional while the high windshield and weird but efficient mirrors round out the trail touring identity of the LX.

This 600 Cleanfire, still of the 4-injector variety, is a solid performer laying sweet, broad trail-power down to the snow.

The 125-horse Liberty pulls off idle with a smooth engagement and transitions seamlessly to full whack on lakes.

The real deal with any IQ is its variable castor IFS geometry used to control bumps and precisely steer the chassis.

Comparing brands head-to-head, there’s really nothing like the IQ for precise and linear turn-in at any speed.

The chassis corners flat, begs to be thrown deeper toward the apex on twisty trails and allows riders to input steering angles to their heart’s content without ski-lift or understeer.

Ergos are exceptional, allowing effortless sitting-to-standing transitions. Our only gripe is the lack of rear tires in the skid — it just looks cheap.

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