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With the 2015 AXYS turning out to be such a big success, there are a number of directions we could see Polaris going in 2016.

First, the new AXYS 800 with its lower engine positioning and lightened front end seems like a no-brainer to be married to a mountain platform.

This would become an even lighter RMK and the more powerful 800 would indeed be tough on the competition in a category Polaris already dominates.

Likewise, building a new Indy using the AXYS front clip would make a lot of sense and could keep this sled line in the hunt with whatever the competition brings for 2016.

As we’ve often mentioned, we would love to see Polaris offer a 4-stroke engine.

With the company’s big success expanding into the utility segment using its Indy platform, we think the next logical step would be to offer a 4-stroke for its customers here.

Ski-Doo has proven there’s a significant demand for 4-stroke utility sleds and 4-stroke sales in this category comprise considerable numbers.

Using one or more of the US-built engines from its ATV-SxS division would put Polaris squarely in the hunt with Ski-Doo and Cat here and the company’s deep experience with turbo-charging amps up the possibilities.

Last, we’d like to see Polaris put some focus on the 2-up segment. Its aging touring segment needs some focus and is mostly overshadowed by the AXYS Adventure. It just makes sense an Indy-AXYS hybrid would breathe life into this pure touring category.

Who knows, this may be an ideal application for that new 4-stroke we’re hoping for.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.
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