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For those who ride big-inch iron like 2-stroke 800s and 177-hp stock turbos, you have a certain expectation of how to grip the bars, the seat and hold on when you give the throttle a whack, right?

In this particular instance I completely miscalculated my adhesion potential. I lined up the end of the lake, found a nice, wide, hard-packed track line and proceeded to jam the loud handle to the bars. WOW!

With the fuse lit, the Turbo surged forward with such imposing thrust I literally (and I’m not ashamed to admit this) rolled back out of the throttle and re-wrapped my hands around the bars. I then dipped into paradise a second time.

Leaning forward and clenching the seat with my knees, the Birch Point modded Turbo accelerated like nothing I’ve ever experienced on snow.

The C-Note went by so fast the speedo couldn’t keep up. The sled’s coupled rear arm kept the nose mostly down with the skis about four inches off white-top.

The profound sensation I was bending the limits of traction, belt strength and probably connecting rod integrity was imminent and, well, exciting.

I held the sled wide open past 110-mph then turned around and did it all again, then again and again. Top speed is gearing limited on our Turbo to about 130-mph.

Heading back to World HQ, I was completely able to understand why Jeff equips dozens of Turbo Cats with this amazing package every year.

While I was out on the Mega-Turb I took it for a 12-mile trail ride and concluded my wife would be perfectly happy (and unaware of what lurked beneath) to ride the sled all day, provided she didn’t take the flipper into the warp zone.

This is one entirely, undeniably impressive modification, fully capable of siphoning a grown man’s credit card directly out of his wallet and onto the counter at Birch Point Cats.

+ Meth-Injected Arctic Cat Turbo: Part 1

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