Is Weight Still The Issue?

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Another thing we’ve been hearing from our readers and viewers concerns the issue of weight.

Again, some manufacturers have indicated weight is no longer a major consideration when consumers are shopping for new iron.

Granted, it’s usually those OEMs that have been struggling with weight issues that make these claims, but Supertrax does put credence in what we hear from active snowmobilers in the marketplace.

Here’s what we’ve been hearing: Weight is still an incredible consideration when potential buyers are walking showrooms!

Buyers of snowmobiles in the 100-plus horsepower categories are especially aware of issues like power-to-weight and overall mass.

Although not every snowmobiler’s riding habits can realistically take full advantage of the extreme lightness offered by some models, when it comes to signing the check, they want to know their new snowmobile is the lightest it can be.

Indeed, if you’ve had occasion to ride an extremely lightweight sled, you can tell the difference immediately. Handling is better, ride tends to be better, rider fatigue is reduced and you can get the most out of every pony an engine can produce. Even gas mileage can be affected, although less so than performance.

Truthfully, there;s no need to defend the focus on lightness in this decade. It’s a no-brainer that buyers still want sleds to be as light as possible.

We believe the next five years will see even more weight-shaving taking place as consumers continue voting with dollar bills and making choices in the direction of lightness.

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