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There are two sleds we think you just don’t hear enough about. Certainly, the new Indy 600 is a fresh offering not many people have had a chance to sample yet.

When they do, we think they’ll be impressed at how much they’re getting for their money.

The other blockbuster bargain is Ski-Doo’s REV-XP Sport equipped with a carbureted 600 2-stroke.

This sled has been buried behind the pricier E-TEC and 4-stroke Ski-Doo offerings in the brochures and certainly hasn’t been given much credit for its great value.

Both the Indy and the Sport are extremely light sleds incorporating all the latest weight-saving design techniques and utilize great mass centralization.

Both have basically been around long enough all the bugs are worked out. You could argue this doesn’t apply to the Indy but it is basically a front-half RUSH and a back-half IQ.

The Indy offers Polaris’ most advanced SDI engine technology in its 125-hp 600 and the Pro-Ride’s newly renovated non-parallel A-arm front end offers incredibly good handling.

The extremely light, strong glued-together bonding process is used in the manufacturing process and the Indy’s falling rate skidframe is fully coupled.

Although the XP Sport relies on a carbed, older-tech mill, it makes impressive power in the 110-hp range and its long-travel SC-5 skidframe offers incredible ride results.

All the lightness of the XP comes through in the riding despite using simpler, steel bodied gas cell shocks to keep the cost down. The Indy comes with aluminum adjustable Ryde-FX MPV gas cell shocks.

There’s about a $1000.00 difference between the Sport and the Indy but the two sleds measure up very closely.

Yes, you’re getting a better shock package and more power with the Indy but the Sport is an amazing buy when comparisons are made on the snow and not in the showroom.

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