Does XF Stand For Extra Flotation?

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Cat offers its new ProCross/ProClimb platform as a crossover sled dubbed the XF.

The XF platform has a 141-inch track with no coupling in the skid and no torque links.

We were skeptical about its trail riding prowess at first but soon learned this chassis handles the extra track length very nicely on hard pack and handling is surprisingly good.

Off-trail, it gets up and goes with exceptional agility. We performed several deep powder dead starts and the XF transfers its weight, gets the skis light and floats smoothly in only a few feet.

Side to side movements and powder hooks are all easily performed and, based on this crossover’s performance in the deep and its extreme lightness, we fully expect the new family of mountain-focused Pro-Climb Cats will also be pretty awesome.

The XF crossover is offered in 141-inch variations only and is powered by three different engines: the Turbo 4-stroke , the EFI 4-stroke and the 800 2-stroke twin.

There are both LXR versions of this sled and Sno-Pro iterations offering different shock packages, but all come with a non-coupled skid.

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