2-Up Venture GT Gets EPS

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With the underhood similarities between the Vector and the Venture so obvious it just makes sense Yamaha would add EPS to its premium touring model.

The exact same power steering unit, skis and upper delta box steering support are used and the change adds genuine sizzle to one of the industry’s best-equipped tourers.

We’ve sometimes complained the driving compartment is a bit cramped for taller riders on this sled and Yamaha has answered with a taller handlebar riser and moved its position ahead a few inches.

The difference is immediately noticeable and allows more seat room for the driver. With the driver’s position a bit more forward, it makes the windshield more effective, too.

These changes amount to a significant update for the Venture GT and will certainly increase the sizzle factor of an already-good 2-up snowmobile.

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