Changing Mindset Toward Wide Track Sleds

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Okay, not everybody is going to do backflips over this latest Expedition. However, this 24-inch wide tracked workhorse powered by a 900 ACE does have a very loyal audience who are absolutely pumped about it.

Why? The math involved here using a 156-inch long track that is 4-inches wider than any other utility sled, enables the SWT (Super Wide Track) to float snow better than pretty much any other snowmobile with the exception of a 175-inch pure mountain sled. If you compare ground pressure numbers, the SWT is really pretty amazing considering its size.

That kind of floatation means you can pretty much go anywhere. In high elevation after a nightlong snowfall when the powder is particularly dry and deep, this sled can perform amazingly well in rescue situations.

When it comes to off-trail riding with two onboard and a ton (literally) of gear loaded on it, this sled can target remote locations you’d never dream of stabbing at with a narrower sled.

Here’s something else: The ground is shaking among 2-up riders who want maximum comfort and rideability with a passenger.

It goes this way. If you’re making the commitment to own and ride a 2-upper, you’ve already accepted the fact most of these sleds are bigger, heavier, wider and longer than conventional single passenger sleds.

The fact is, once you’ve made the decision to go 2-up it just isn’t that much of a stretch to move into a sled like the Expedition, Titan, Bearcat or VK Yamaha.

Sure, there was a day when these sleds were severely compromised, but today, that just isn’t the case. These giants ride incredibly well, handle good and most are offered with decent, overachieving power. The additional bonus is limitless space, ample storage and magnificent comfort for two.

The biggest holdback to trail riders is the way they look – and the perception the rider will look awkward on them – not based on fact!

If you ever get a chance to test ride one of these or go on a ride where one is present, you’ll be absolutely in awe at how proficient they are – even compared to a high performance trail sled.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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