Arrival of 800 E-TEC

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Rumors persist of fully developed engines using Rotax’s revolutionary voice coil, direct injection, E-TEC system.

Clearly, there are a sizable number of Ski-doo-o-philes awaiting the arrival of this powerplant.

Dealers we’ve spoken to claim some of their customers held-up purchasing another 800 PowerTek because they were convinced BRP will announce a limited-build E-TEC 800 late this fall.

From what we’ve heard, and we’ve been asking a lot of questions on this topic, the economy is playing strong against an E-TEC 800 limited build intro.

While this might sound negative, we believe an E-TEC 800 powered XP will be in Ski-Doo’s MY11 line-up.

Knowing this to be likely we have to think Ski-Doo will follow its own new model template that invariably includes at least a one-per-dealer launch of a new model while the snow is down.

Ski-Doo uses this program to accumulate consumer hands-on feedback and real world testing before full production.

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