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The rocket ship 175-plus horsepower Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo LXR incorporates all the long distance riding goodies: adjustable handlebars, adjustable seat, electric start and pushbutton reverse wrapped in a new-generation Twin Spar platform with a lightened tunnel, seat and LCD taillight.

You can ride this sled 300 miles in a day and probably wish for more daylight but, really, it’s mostly about what’s under the hood. Arctic Cat held nothing back when it turbocharged its rock-solid Z1 4-stroke twin.

The boys in TRF claim 177 stallions and after one ride, you’ll need little convincing they’re waiting to gallop. Thank goodness there’s no turbo lag.When this sled hooks up it’s like being shot out of a .44 Magnum.

On the way up to its redline you’ll appreciate the uncommonly good ride you’re experiencing from the Turbo’s sliding front arm skid equipped with Fox Zero-Pro shocks.

Front end geometry changes last year tightened up this big Cat’s handling and it carves with genuine precision now. We’re aware some Cat customers were underwhelmed by the ’09 version’s performance and complained about noise vibration and harshness issues, especially vibration coming up through the Turbo’s way-stiff motor mounts.

In 2010 the engineers have been busy smoothing the wrinkles out of what cannot be denied is the most powerful snowmobile in the biz. We think the gremlins have been whipped into submission.

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