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Yeah, you’ll read this and tell us we’re in bed with Ski-Doo. Not so. However, we’ve compiled some facts that are pretty undeniable and point to the reasons why Ski-Doo is leading the industry in sales.


It’s tough to deny Ski-Doo owns some of the industry’s best technology for both 2-strokes and 4-strokes. The fact all Ski-Doo engines are built in-house by Rotax gives the company incredible range to innovate and make changes. Thus, the sudden tweaking to deliver an all-new E-TEC 850 last year.

When it comes to snowmobiling, the E-TEC has virtually preserved the 2-stroke engine for future generations, no matter how severe EPA restrictions become.

If you’re talking 4-strokes, Rotax has been able to design and execute a broad range of reasonably lightweight engines ranging from 600 to 1170ccs, all great performers in their categories.


Since the XP was introduced in 2008, Ski-Doo has set the standard for light, efficient design.

Although the rest of the industry has stepped up its chassis tech since then, last year Ski-Doo threw out the old bath water and came up with a narrower, lighter and better balanced G4.

By adapting XS chassis features like rMotion, t-Motion and RAS 4, and then creating a unique integrated cooler design in the tunnel, the features of those aforementioned assets have balanced out weight issues so the G4 sleds are still very light.


Ski-Doo’s perfection of rMotion has renewed consumer confidence in the shock-in-tunnel snowmobile suspension and proven you can get incredible ride quality from a somewhat old design.

Same with t-Motion: This unique, pivoting mountain suspension offers distinct benefits to vertical and deep snow riders. Interestingly, five years ago, those riders didn’t even know they needed what t-Motion brings.

Along with the FlexEdge track, the t-Motion combo is proving to be excellent and is converting mountain riders over to the brand quickly.


It seems like Ski-Doo is always thinking outside the box. The intro of the SHOT starting system this year is a perfect example. A few years back, electronic run-backwards reverse was another breakthrough.

Both these systems significantly reduce weight and pander to the riders who want lightness the most – without sacrificing convenience. Or how about the whole rider-forward thing back in 2003?

There was a time when innovations like these seemed impossible. Somehow, Ski-Doo has figured out how to bring it. You’ve got to call it leadership!

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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