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Mark and Kent Lester battle it out over their picks for the 2017 BEST IN CLASS AWARDS. THE ARGUMENT: Who’s First Might Not Always Mean Who’s Best.


Mark gets all gushy talking about the new Gen 4 Summit but who the heck knows how that sled will work this winter? Certainly not Mark.

Oh, I see he’s selling the Summit 800 XM here. Nice swerve, Mark. If you’re comparing that sled to the Pro RMK 174, good luck.

Sure, Polaris did respond to Ski-Doo’s lead when it debuted its Pro RMK with a 174 this year, but the AXYS-based Polaris mountain sleds were simply way down the road ahead of the competition from the beginning.

Want lightness? The Pro RMK delivers with significant weight loss in the places that count most. Want power? The 800HO hits like a 22-lb sledge with instantaneous throttle response and track-stretching torque.

Want deep snow handling? The RMK’s higher stance and svelte body panels clear snow like a Sheffield through yogurt. All the while this sled flat-out feels right, never taking the rider on its own path, listening and then responding with pinpoint accuracy to every flick of the bars or adjustment to your body positioning.

The Pro-RMK makes you a better rider. Sure, it will take you anywhere on any terrain and in any amount of snow. Frankly, there are a few other sleds that can make that claim, too, but none with the credibility of this Polaris. The Pro-RMK is an extension of its handler’s torso. It is part of you and so attentive to your commands it’s like a living thing – all you have to do is think it and it’s done.

This sled is magic in the mountains and no other even comes close.

– Kent


Uh, Kent, tune in here, Bud. The only reason there’s a 174 RMK is because Ski-Doo poked a stick in Polaris’ eye when it introduced the Summit 174 a full year before the RMK 174 arrived. Can you say “copycat”? Okay, no argument, the archetypical RMK is the benchmark for vert performance. However, Ski-Doo de-bugged and perfected this 174 x 3-inch lugger first.

Wake up, Dude. The 174 Summit uses Ski-Doo’s trademark t-Motion skid and FlexEdge sneaker. On top of this reality the 174 segment is owned by Ski-Doo – ask the macho mountain men who ride these amazing, unstoppable Summits.

The RMK walked right past Ski-Doo’s innovative technologies – and I might add – groundbreaking technologies at that. Polaris needs to sell its 174 for a full season to catch up to Ski-Doo’s finer points on the Summit 174.

Sheesh, you should know this kinda stuff.

– Mark

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