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Remember how Ski-Doo said the only XR bodywork with a 2-stroke would be the Grand Touring with a 600 E-TEC?That’s changed.

This year there will be 800 E-TEC Powered GSX models using the larger and warmer XR bodywork. Frankly, we’re pretty stoked about riding a GSX with air suspension and an 800 under hood.

The vertical crowd gets more Free Ride variants, most notably a 137-inch model best described as a more serious Renegade Backcountry X. Hmm… we already thought the BC-X was serious.

Anyway, detail improvements are evident on the Summit models as Ski-Doo continues to listen and respond to the vertical market.

Here’s what we think. Ski-Doo has been beaten up for not delivering a turbo or supercharged 1200 4-TEC since the day the engine arrived.

While there’s likely some demand for such a powerplant in the mountains, the cost to perform this kind of tune-up is significant.

Temper your thinking with this latest info: The entire snowmobile industry let out a collective sigh of relief after almost ten years of EPA emission scrutiny and costly compliance.

From all indications the EPA is leaving the snowmobile industry alone, for at least the short term, as it should.

Our contribution to global emissions is now both insignificant and inconsequential.

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