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The new Arctic Cat ProCross model we think has the most potential to alter the way the snowmobiling masses think, is the new non-turboed 1100 in this chassis.

Cat has accomplished what many in this industry have always believed to be impossible: It has created a 4-stroke that offers no compromise compared to a 2-stroke.

Yes, this sled’s handling is as good as an XP or a RUSH 600 and its ride sensations are the equal – and, in some situations, exceed those sleds, too.

The low friction quotient of this new platform combined with its ability to freewheel and then with its lightened mass added in, makes this model outperform any other 4-stroke we’ve ridden.

We’re aware this 123-125 hp mill is not the fastest 4-stroke engine in its class but its conservative 2-cylinder weight and excellent throttle response wrapped in this chassis package makes it more fun to ride than any other 4-stroke we’ve sampled so far.

It’s plenty fast, too. Overriding the whole 125 horsepower project is a sense this sled offers no compromise in having a slightly heavier 4-stroke under its hood.

Handling is razor sharp and all the nimble, agile goodness of the same sled with a 2-stroke (the 800) comes through in bold italics.

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