2010 Arctic Cat Z1 – Underrated Awesomeness

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By: Mike Lester

Yeah fine, it’s not a turbo or even an LXR, but this sled just may be Arctic Cat’s best kept secret for 2010.

As 4-strokes go, the 1056cc parallel firing twin pushes out an impressive 123 hp when blasting across lakes or when it’s opened up on straightaways.

Throttle tip-in is buttery smooth and there’s ample mid-range power available at your thumb. The sled even sounds better this year.

Twisting through turns, the newly lightened Z1 hugs the trail and takes tight corners with virtually no inside ski lift or chassis roll thanks to the addition of a third mounting bracket that improves sway bar transfer.

Last year’s changes to the chassis (the tunnel angle at the footrests was “flattened” so the front spindles are on a more vertical plane) are immediately noticeable and the weight pared from the muffler and rear of the tunnel this year have turned this sled into one of the most nimble 4-strokes on the market.

Cat’s new seat design for 2010 is a winner. The chopped off appearance gives the Z1 a sleek and modern look and several of our riders commented the Z1 is “so comfortable we felt like we could have ridden another 100 miles without tiring”.

One rider said: “I think I rode the quickest 100 miles I’ve ever ridden and the Z1 kept pace with every sled in the fleet effortlessly. At each stop, everyone passed it up to ride the latest and greatest stuff and I thought to myself, “These guys don’t know what they’re missing.”

The Z1’s sliding arm skidframe still delivers one of the best rides in the biz – even with basic steel bodied gas cell shocks.

Who sez you can’t evolve existing product every year and end up with perfection? This one’s definitely worth an extra look. We guarantee you’ll be impressed.

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