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Dear Motorhead:

Wanted to comment on your X-over article from volume 22, no.4 as I thought it was very strange you completely ignored the Artic Cat Crossfires and focused on the fat-cat trail-sled EXT. Why?

You even listed the Crossfire in the spec table and I noticed it’s 90 pounds lighter! How could it not be part of your discussion? Arctic Cat invented this market segment, didn’t they?

If Arctic builds a long-track Z1, will you pretend that’s a cross-over sled too?

I don’t think you really have a handle on this “x-over thing” yet; off-trail performance IS the measuring stick; stand up, get off the trail and “cross-over” into the untracked stuff and experience what everyone out west has enjoyed for years, big smiles and pure adventure – although this might be a little less-fun if you insist on riding a 600 pound lazy boy!


Dear Jeff:

Thanks for your email, but you completely missed the point we were making!

Sure, we could have used the X-Fire and we could have used the Nytro XTX and we could have used the Ski-Doo Back Country X and we could have used the IQ Switchback – BUT WE DIDN’T!

Your sarcasm would be okay if you hadn’t skipped the entire point we were making – the OEM’s are calling way, way too many sleds “X-Overs” that they obviously (by your remarks) shouldn’t! We get it!

We agree that the EXT is not an X-Over by your definition but it is by people who ride trails. It’s not all about you – or us!

We think these sleds need to be skewed more tightly into at least two segments so – as we asserted in the story – buyers don’t end up with the wrong ride.

Thanks for the comments, you’re not wrong – however, you’re not right either.

Motorhead Mark

PS – Ski-Doo thinks they were the first X-Over builder with the original ZX Renegade and Polaris sez they were with the original SKS Indy.

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