Yamaha Tuner Skis vs. Snowtrackers for Nytro

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Dear Motorhead:

I recently purchased a 2008 FX Nytro RTX and would like to update the ski package.

I’d like to utilize either the Yamaha Tuner Ski or Snowtrackers. I realize the Split Rail option is there, but they are beyond my budget.

In your experience, what do you believe my best option would be?



Thanks for your email!

You are wise to update the stock skis on your 08 Nytro. You’ll notice an exponential improvement in handling and control by ditching the stockers.

Obviously there is a substantial difference in cost between the Snowtrackers and the Yamaha tuners.

Here’s the deal – the Snowtrackers are very effective and will settle the Nytro as capably as the Tuners. However, there are more variations available with the tuners by mixing up the carbide lengths inside and outside. This kind of adjustability may mean something to you.

If you are simply after an improved handling package with zero darting and nice linear turn-in, then the Snowtrackers can’t be beat.

One more thing – yes, the Split Rails are expensive but they really work on your sled.

Motorhead Mark

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