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Hello Motorhead!

I have a 2006 600 SDI X MXZ and have had an ongoing problem with my head lights as they flicker and dim almost out when high beam’s are on.

This happens when accelerating on flats and over mogals. we’ve checked wiring and found nothing. Any help would be great.




Thanks for your email!

Based on what you’re reporting here I’d recommend you have a dealer verify your stator and regulator performance – first. Or purchase a service manual and do the testing yourself.

However, I do suspect your problem is not too severe. If you had a primary charging problem your SDI system would be acting up – and you say this problem is confined to your headlight?

If this is the case, further investigation of the headlight wiring and in particular the handlebar switchgear is necessary.

I would also look carefully at the hot grips and thumb warmer for a problem.

Good luck!

Motorhead Mark

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