Which Oil Is Best?

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Dear Motorhead,

I have a question concerning a couple of injection oils that are currently being sold on the market. The two in mind are: Shell Snow Ultra Full Synthetic and Amsoil Interceptor Full Synthetic.

I own a 2003 Summit 800 HO (ZX chassis) and was wondering if your team has experience with one or both of these oils.

I started using the Shell product and had no problems. My exhaust valves were relatively clean and the sleds exhaust didn’t have much smoke and strong smell at all.

I have seen and heard lots about the Amsoil product and its only about 2 bucks extra for the same amount of oil (when buying a 4L jug).

I just started using it to try so I haven’t been burning it long enough to see any results. Do you think the extra 2 bucks is worth it or should I be saving my pennies on this one?


Thanks for your email!

Both the lubricants you have asked about are – in my opinion – high quality products.

We have used both and found them to deliver excellent cleanliness from both a deposit standpoint on Exhaust Valves and from a smoking standpoint.

Which one is better? Whew – impossible question! I would use whichever one is the easiest to obtain and the most cost effective.

As long as you are using premium quality/premium brand full-synthetic lubes you should expect exceptional performance.

Motorhead Mark

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