Which 4 Stroke For The Trails?

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Q: I am having a tough time deciding detween the Apex LTX / Attack with the Gen150 engine and the new Vector LTX models with the Gen120 carbed engine in the Deltabox II chassis.

A: The 120 HP Vector powered Apex chassis handles noticeably better than the 150 HP four cylinder. It’s all about weight and you can feel it. Inside ski lift is decreased in the 120 and an over-all more “flickable” feel accompanies the lighter engine.

Q: Which do you think is the better choice for trail riding in the 60-90mph range? I ride pretty fast but seldom push past the 100mph mark. I also enjoy comfort more than crushing the bumps so I don’t need a sled with a rough trail calibration, that is why I am leaning towards the LTX models with the monoshock rear.

A: Sixty to ninety MPH? That’s moving Bud! I think you better go for the Apex 150 – if you’re running at the high end of the speedo you’ll be stretching the rods on the 120. However, if you’re riding in the 50-80 MPH range, the 120 HP engine will keep you happy.

The LTX with the running board klicker adjustment for the rear mono-shock is an excellent choice for all kinds of serious trail honing. The good news is you can dial in enough compression damping to fight-off a sno-X course – if you desire.

The adjustability here and in particular the inherent plushness of this skid and damper is pretty much without equal in the biz right now. Oh, one more thing – the Vector motor in the old chassis (we haven’t had enough time at sea-level to verify MPG on the new chassis) was a virtual tie for the best MPG numbers we recorded last year on a full-build production snowmobile.

The Apex 150 four cylinder is not as miserly as the 120 Vector mill. More horses require more hay.

Q: After coming off of a 1998 ZR with a 135hp D&D 711cc big bore engine, do you think I would be satisfied with the power of the Gen120?

A: You’re not serious asking this – right? No, you won’t be satisfied. You better get an Apex 150 and save yourself a lot of frustration.

Yamaha lists both the Apex LTX and Vector LTX as the same weight, 577lbs.

Something’s wrong there.  We’ll check into this.

Motorhead Mark

Follow up:

Thanks for your replies Mark, your input is much appreciated!

You got me thinking….when my ZR6 was stock with about 100hp on tap, it was actually quite fast enought for me.  I do ride fast, but only when conditions allow me to do so (the long railroad grades in the Upper Peninsula for example) and then I will sometimes see 90+ mph on the speedo.  My average speedo reading in good conditions is more like 70mph, maybe a bit more or less. 

Actually, I don’t think my 711 is much faster on top end than my 600 was.  It pulls much better down low and in the mid range but top end is maybe 110mph speedo indicated (probably more like 100mph gps).   

I honestly think I will be satisfied with the torque and pull of the Vector 120 engine.  Most people say that is is about equal to the Apex until around the 80mph mark and I think, choosing between the two, I would rather have the lighter steering and weight over the 30hp. 

The ultimate engine in this chassis would probably be the EFI G130 found in the Nytro, but for now all we have to choose from is the 150 and the 120. 

The only sled that left me wanting more was a Z570 rental that I had a few years back, it was about 10mph too slow for me (could just about hit 75 mph on a very long, straight and flat trail).  I had the throttle duct-taped to the bar for 300 miles through the UP.



Sounds like you know what you want. You’ll be happy with either as they are both exceptional sleds. The Vector will stay with an Apex to about 50 MPH (80 klicks) not 80 MPH. However at trail speed I believe the new Vector would out-handle the Apex – hands down. There’s that much difference.

Motorhead Mark

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