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Dear Motorhead:

At 45 yrs old I am new to snowmobiling. I was looking to get the AC Bearcat Z1XT or the Ski-Doo Expedition.

I am looking to do high miles both on and off trail. Would these sleds be appropriate for my needs? Can you make any recommendation?



Thanks for your email!

The two sleds you have highlighted are both very large “utility” models suited for hard work like hauling and towing.

Yes, they are both capable deep snow runners however unless you are convinced you need the work talents of these rides I would suggest in your first foray into snowmobiling you pick a more lithe and user friendly model requiring less body english and a lower MSRP.

I would suggest a sled like the Arctic Cat Crossfire 600 or the Ski-Doo Renegade 600. These sleds are more dual purpose and both offer exceptional off-trail performance as a result of their longer tracks.

My concern is that the Bearcat and the Expedition are big, strong “truck-like” snowmobiles which can be a handful – especially if stuck. The two I’m suggesting are much easier to operate in deep snow and will provide more satisfying on-trail performance.

Hope this helps.

Motorhead Mark

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