What Are The Advantages To ACT?

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I’m looking to upgrade my current sled. I have found two carryover F6 Firecats from 2006. The green one has a traditional gear box plus reverse and the orange one has the new ACT drive.

I’m wondering if there would be any noticeable difference in the two drive systems. I know there’s about a 10 pound weight difference, but are there any other advantages to the ACT?



Thanks for the email!

Either Firecat is a great choice and you pretty much said it all when you noted the 10 pound weight difference. Frankly, we haven’t noticed much difference in the way the planetary drive system works versus the older jackshaft system. It depends what you want on your sled.

If reverse is a big consideration, the older drive system can be pretty easily converted to reverse. If you don’t care about backing up and want the ultimate in low weight, go with the ACT model.

Of course the best scenario would be if you could convert the ACT drive to ACT w/reverse (I don’t know if this is a possibility yet). We’ve sampled the 2007 Cat reverse system (planetary) and it’s the best in the industry, bar none.

Kent Lester

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