Ten Best Sleds Ever

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A while back you guys had an issue with the most innovative sleds ever made. I saw the issue and it made me subscribe again, but I could never get THAT issue.

Can you list them again? I think I owned a couple of them ( Phazer II and Indy 500’s). Looking at an ’07 Yamaha Attak, how does that one measure up?

Think snow and keep up the good work!



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I believe the Indy 500 and the Phazer were on our “ten best ever” sleds list. There were many others but I apologize – I just don’t have time to list all those off for you. I think I’ll ask our web staff to post that article – many readers really liked it.

As far as Attak suspension updates I’m not sure where you’re coming from. The 08’s are the same as the 07’s with some detail and tuning mods.

If you’re looking at an Attak go for the GT with the Ohlins out back – It is worth every cent. MPG #’s for Apex and Attak are widely ranging according to many of our readers. However, its been our experience that the Genesis 1000 in those sleds is fully able to crease nearly 20 MPG under ideal (that’s a light thumb!) conditions.

If you like the loud handle – and who doesn’t – expect as low as 15 MPG.

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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