Switchback Fuel Consumption Issues

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There are a lot of 600 CFI owners concerned about the lousy gas milage and low oil usage and I’m one of them, however the three dealers I’ve talked to are not concerned even though I just gave them a lot of money!

My sled gets 10 MPG most of the time and I see 11 MPG once in my 960 miles. My buddies with SDI and even 600 carbed are laughing at the milage!

I would like to see at least around 15 MPG for the trail cruising I do. I understand a 144″ track will take more gas but my old XLT , which weights a little more, get’s the same milage as this new “high-tech” CFI 600. Also this sled consistanly uses 1 oz of oil to 1 gallon of gas. I

I’ve heard rave reviews for this sled but now wondering if it really was the same sled. Have you heard anything on your end about the poor milage or low oil consumption?




Just finished a 185 mile day with 8 of our PR sleds. Did mileage comparisons on all. We ran a mixture of lakes at WOT and trails at brisk speeds – not good for mileage.

The lowest we saw from the 600 CFI was just under 12 mpg – but in comparison to everything else we had along – including the remarkable SDI 600 Ski-Doo – the mileage was not out of sync from a comparison standpoint.

We have seen as high as 16 mpg out of the IQ 6 CFI this season. The sled has almost 1500 miles on it today. The oil consumption on our 600 CFI is scary – but the engine runs sweet, is fast and I personally had the privlege of holding it wide open all the way up the infamous Kevlar Lake (the Bermuda Triangle of snowmobiling) here in Central Ontario – yesterday.

I do not find the economy we’ve experienced to be bad – keep in mind, this season – thus far – has presented poor conditions for fuel economy – the snow has no base – is mostly loose all the time and the sled tends to sink into it creating extra parasitic drag from both the track and skis. We find hard-pack conditions influence economy by 15-20%.


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