Suggestions For an ’04 500 SS

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I have an ’04 500 SS and love everything about the sled except the milder 600 engine. Where I ride it is all open truck trails and we speed along at above 75 mph.

I was wondering if you knew of any big-bore kits for this sled or performance kits I could put on my sled?



Thanks for your email!

My most serious suggestion this week is for you and this question. I would recommend you not do anything to your SS other than work a trade deal on a new sled.

Honestly, anything you’re going to do to get the kind of power you are looking for would be better answered with a move to a full-on 120 HP SDI 600 Rev. I understand there are some non-current 07’s which may be available at attractive prices.

Compare what the cost of trading up would be versus serious HP mods – this will include the improvement in resale you’ll experience from trading up versus no possible recovery of the extra dollars you might invest in hop-ups.

Good luck!

Motorhead Mark

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