So Many Choices

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I can’t get my mind on what to buy…I love the Crossfire and the Renegade, but people keep telling me that I should not get a 136″ because in the trail it won’t be as fun as a 121 or 128 for the artic cat.

My choice was the crossfire 8, but since I only do deep snow once in a will should I go with the F series or the MXZ.


Honestly Mathias, our experience has been that there is virtually no downside with a 136 or 128-inch tracked sled.

A few years ago there were some handling compromises with the crossover sleds but I just returned from a 180 mile trip on a 1000 Crossfire and it handles so close to a 121-inch sled it’s not even worth talking about.

The extra flotation of the longer track is a super bonus, too. Go ahead and buy the sled you want – I think you’re going to love it!

Kent Lester

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