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Dear Motorhead:

It is disturbing that you promote illegal exhaust modifications (MBRP Turbo Exhaust System). The Ontario Motorized Snow Act makes it illegal to modify the exhaust if it makes it louder. There are enough complaints about noisy sleds in and around private property and this is leading to closure of many trails on private property.

Why not do a program about quiet exhaust and riding responsibly on trails on and around private property. Include speed limits, not leaving the trail on private property, not leaving garbage at stops, not leaving spin bumps every time you stop and go again, they just freeze and the next unsuspecting family coming around the corner hits the bump, and goes off the trail, etc. It would make a great PR episode.

– Adrian Tessier


Thanks for your Facebook post.

We agree, Ontario does have regulations relating to exhaust modifications. We stand in support of obeying the law in your jurisdiction. In all fairness Ontario’s law is too broad – it should only relate to vehicles producing recorded decibel levels above a certain limit. The presence of an aftermarket exhaust does not necessarily mean the noise level has been elevated. Agreed, in the past aftermarket exhausts have become known for outrageous noise. The law should regulate decibels – not the act of modification.

Our position on the show and in the magazines relates to this reality – we service the entire North American snowmobile marketplace with our content. Ontario is only one province out of many provinces and states in the USA. We simply cannot preclude a quality aftermarket supplier from exposing their products because of one jurisdiction’s rules.

You are correct about and we don’t disagree – using a too loud exhaust system in Ontario or any other place is not a good idea. Not sure how that relates to the other issues you’ve raised but responsibility and common sense is at times in short supply in our sport. However it is my experience there is about 3% of participants in most activities which essentially create the problems for the 97% who are responsible.

Motorhead Mark

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