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Dear Motorhead:

Just want to start out by saying how much I love the show and mag.

Each season the new sleds become more powerful with test riders stating more power, quicker acceleration. It makes sense for a mountain sled, but why for a trail sled?

I believe all the OFSC trails are posted and patrolled at 50 km/hr (30 mph). Why do I need a sled with over 600-800 cc to do that?

My wife and I love the sport and will be sad when we have to part with our 440s.

Thanks for listening.


Dear Paul:

Thanks for your email!

We are regularly asked the same question each season relating to the increases in available HP. Often the question is posed in a way blaming us (the media) for the emergence of more powerful snowmobiles. I did not get that feeling from your letter however I will speak to the issue of ever increasing power.

This industry is no different than any other segment of the powersport business. Consumer demand drives new product, not our reporting on the new product. If there wasn’t a market for more powerful sleds, the OEM’s would drop them like hot potatoes.

There is a very significant percentage of snowmobile buyers who can justify 600 and 800 cc snowmobiles. In fact, the 600cc 120 HP class is the largest power segment in the biz.

Over 20 years ago I interviewed then President of Arctic Cat, Chris Twomey (he recently retired from that position but is still active at AC) and asked him pointed questions about the sanity of Arctic Cat building the most obscenely powerful sled ever – the 1988 Arctic Cat Wildcat 650. His answer has stayed with me to this day and it resonates throughout the snowmobile business: “I don’t know where it will end up (snowmobile power) but I’m sure of where it’s going – and it’s definitely going up!”

Truer words could not have been spoken almost 24 years ago and they are just as true today!

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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