Ski-Doo XP Owner Haunted By Urban Legend

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Dear Motorhead,

I own a 2008 Rev XP 800R Renegade with 700 miles on it. I love the sled and have had no issues with it, but everywhere I go someone has a horror story about “someone they know” who has blown an engine on the new XP.

Is this a new urban legend, or is there really a problem with the 08 engines? I called Ski-Doo and gave them my VIN and they told me there are no known problems with my sled.



Thanks for your email!

Here’s the deal – there’s no problems with the 800R’s. They are fast, fuel efficient an reliable. Ours has 2000 miles on it and has had no issues. With any new product there are always stories – usually skewed and exaggerated. Go ride your sled and enjoy it!

Motorhead Mark

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